Dog Bites

Ambrose Butzen Law Group represents individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of being bitten or attacked by a dog. Modern law has greatly expanded the liability of dog owners whose dogs bite or otherwise cause injuries to individuals. Under Illinois law, as it exists today, the owner of a dog has the duty to maintain control over the animal and, if the dog bites or injures an individual who has not provoked the dog, the owner is liable for any injuries suffered – regardless of fault. While many dog bite attacks occur at the home of friends or relatives, it is important to remember that the insurance carrier typically pays for a settlement as opposed to payment from the dog owner directly. Regardless of the circumstance, we are keenly aware of how insurance companies evaluate these incidents and will do what it takes to maximize the value of your dog bite case.

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Listed below is a representative sample of verdicts and settlements we’ve obtained in the past:

$250,000 – verdict – for a hip fracture caused by a dog attack.

$200,000 – settlement – for a woman who suffered a back injury in a dog attack.