Railroad Accidents

In Chicago, trains play a significant role in the city’s transportation system. Thousands of commuters depend on trains daily to get to jobs, schools and vacation destinations. And, the area’s rail system is a major hub for freight trains carrying cattle, grain, construction equipment, heavy consumer goods and building materials across the U. S.A railroad accident occurs every two hours in the United States, according to Federal Highway Administration. Statistics show that human factors are the primary cause of railroad accidents. While conductor negligence and driving under the influence, lead to some railroad accidents, other reasons include excessive train speeds, problems with train track and structures, train or rail equipment, as well as signals and train control.
Hazards at railroad crossings also play a role in train accidents. Uneven pavement often found at crossings contributes to the danger for vehicles or pedestrians crossing the tracks. Some railroad crossings may not have crossing arms, whistle posts, bells or flashing lights for adequate warning. Buildings, overgrown shrubs or even weather conditions may not allow clear visibility of an on-coming train.

In addition, injuries can occur outside the realm of train collision. Injuries often occur when boarding and getting off trains, as well as slip and falls on railroad property that have not been properly maintained. Railroads, as common carriers, owe the highest duty of care to protect their passengers from injuries occurring while boarding a train, exiting a train, as well as traversing the property in and around the train stations.

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To protect your best interests, it is essential to retain a personal injury lawyer as soon after an accident as possible. If you fail to act within the time limits set by law, you give up your right to file a claim for damages.

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