18 Wheeler Accident in Illinois

Accident Checklist

Individuals who have suffered personal injury due to an 18 wheeler accident in Chicago or in other areas of Illinois have a right to litigate for damages. To assure the best chances of maximum compensation for Illinois 18 wheeler accidents, it is worthwhile to follow several simple steps following the accident. An accident checklist will minimize the risk of lessened compensation. At Ambrose & Associates, we can answer any questions you may have with regard to 18 wheeler accidents.

  • Attend to medical needs – Health is always of primary importance, and if needed, assures that immediate health needs are met. Contact 911 if needed, and assure maximum safety by moving away from a dangerous situation. If possible, record the time and the location of the accident, the 911 contact and any other details for your immediate care.
  • Record driver information – Record as much information as you can from the 18 wheeler driver, including name, license, insurance, 18 wheeler registration, company worked for, and any other relevant data.
  • Record witness information – if there were any witnesses to the event, record their names and contact information.
  • Take pictures and other records – If you can, write a summary of the events that happened. Take pictures of your damaged vehicle, the 18 wheeler, points of impact, damaged surrounding material and more.
  • Be careful with 18 wheeler claim adjusters – 18 wheeler companies frequently dispatch an adjuster following 18 wheeler accidents. They take pictures, records, statements etc. to help in the 18 wheeler company’s defense. Do not talk with the adjuster regarding the accident or the events leading up to it – explain that you will seek legal counsel and the adjuster can talk to them.
  • Obtain records of medical attention – when you get medical attention, make sure you do so from a qualified physician. Make sure the physician records all symptoms and provides you with a full report of injuries, related as clearly as possible to the effects of the 18 wheeler accident.
  • Engage the services of a Chicago Illinois 18 wheeler accident attorney – the process of receiving fair compensation for the personal injury you suffered due to the 18 wheeler accident can be complex and difficult. Utilize the services of an Illinois 18 wheeler accident attorney to assure that the right steps are taken and followed to enable the receipt of the maximum possible compensation for your personal injury.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Utilizing the 18 wheeler accident checklist will help you in preventing lessening of personal injury compensation for the damages you suffered. Contacting the right Chicago 18 wheeler accident attorney will likewise facilitate receipt of the proper payback for your injuries. Look for a firm with a strong history of 18 wheeler accident litigation successes, as well as complete knowledge of 18 wheeler safety legislation, the Illinois legal system and the way to properly treat clients.

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